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Welcome to Lane Loge on the Swedish west coast!

We are located 10 Swedish miles north of Gothenburg (one hour drive) and 23 Swedish miles south of Oslo along road 172, 10 kilometers north of Uddevalla. Close to the town of Uddevalla, but right on the countryside just next to the forest. From the beginning this was a typical Swedish farm with cows, hens and pigs. Today the farm animals are gone and instead there is barn dancing going on every Saturday April-September. Lane Loge is one of the biggest dance places in Sweden. We also offer activities for both small and big groups of people. For an example, at Lane Loge up to 500 people can sit down and eat and enjoy a show from the scene.

You are welcome to stay in our 18 cottages with 2, 4, 5 or 6 beds. The cottages are small, clean and cosy and equipped with bunk beds with quilts, pillows and blankets. table and chairs, hotplate, refrigerator, coffee brewer, sets of plate, knife, spoon and fork, saucepan and frying pan. Table and chairs on the porch. Showers and toilets are located 5-50 meters in an own building. No extra fee for hot water.

2-bed cottage 550 SEK/night (July 650 SEK/night)
4-bed cottage 750 SEK/night (July 850 SEK/night)
5-bed cottage 800 SEK/nigth (July 900 SEK/night)
6-bed cottage 850 SER/nigth (July 950 SEK/night)

Bring your own bed clothes or rent for 80 SKR/bed.
On requests for 15 people or more, you can order breakfast in our restaurant. We serve a full Swedish “farm breakfast” with eggs, waffles, cold or hot cereals, bread, juices and coffe or tea, 135 SEK/person.

If you would like to make a reservation, follow this link: Reservations

Soccergolf and other activities
Everybody can enjoy our fun sports. The soccergolfground is 4 hectars, a perfect and pleasant place to spend an afternoon. Or maybe you want to challenge your friends in arrowbow shooting, woodski race, tug of war, rowingrace, blowpipe shooting, axe throwing or woodhorse race. A fun way to meet with your friends or family. You are welcome to use our barbeque cabin in the middle of the soccergolfground. In the forest there are walking trails and lots of deers and birds. Hike on your own on marked trails or rent a giude. A 15 minute drive take you to the sea of Ellenö or salt water in Uddevalla where you can swim.

You are welcome to bring your trailer to our campground. Showers and toilets.

Our restaurant is open Saturdays from 7.30 pm-01am. For groups of 15 people or more you can order lunch or dinner whenever you want. Our food is home cooked, delicious and well known.

Barn dancing
Barn dancing is the big thing at Lane Loge. People from all over Scandinavia come to visit us Saturdays from April 30th -August 27 th. The big barn is filled with happy people and the bands that are playing are the most popular in Sweden. July 112h – 16th we arrange “The Dance Festival of the Westcoast”. Come and enjoy Swedish barn dancing four nights in a row 9pm-01 am.